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Saturday, June 20, 2015

In The Distance - Eileen Griffin & Nikka Michaels

I'm so excited to host two of my favorite friends and writers on my blog today!  Eileen Griffin & Nikka Michaels have just released a phenomenal new book - In The Distance - and it's getting incredible reviews! Check out the blurb and an excerpt:

Because sometimes it takes some distance to finally see what’s right in front of you…
Tyler Mitchell has worked hard to rebuild his life after his family kicked him out. A culinary student and sous chef who spends his spare time volunteering with kids, he’s happy enough even though he has no time to consider a relationship.
Trevor Pratt is finally getting over losing his best friend and the one person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, but it’s taken screwing every cute guy in Manhattan to get there. He’s vowed to repair the friendship he endangered, but that’s hard to do when his friend’s new employee catches his eye. Despite being warned to stay away from Tyler, Trevor knows the sous chef is more than just a hookup.
Romance is a terrible idea. Trevor is ten years older and a relentless playboy. Tyler is still unsure of his place in the world. Neither of them is ready for life-changing love, but as things heat up, their chemistry in the bedroom might just take that decision out of their hands.
Read about Ethan and Jamie's romance in In the Raw and In The Fire, Books 1 & 2 in the In The Kitchen Series, available now!

I threw him a dirty look over my shoulder as we walked out of the diner. “Okay. So I might have had my dad’s Platinum AmEx card to help me out, but I struggled just like the rest of my classmates.”

Tyler’s low, deep laugh hit me in all the right, and wrong, places. “Poor baby. I’m sure it was hard to choose between the double shot extra whip latte and the regular Joe Blow latte.”

God, it was good to hear him laugh. “Hey now. Leave my double shot latte out of this,” I shot back as I unlocked the doors to the Mercedes coupe I’d rented.

His laughter slowly faded as I pulled out of the parking lot. I had only been to Ethan’s old place a few times when Jamie had first moved back to Seattle and before they had bought a new condo together. But Tyler made sure to keep me on the right track with directions, his voice getting softer and softer the closer we got to the apartment.

I pulled up to the curb, letting the car idle instead of parking and walking him to his door. As much as I found myself not wanting the night to end, it wouldn’t have been smart to push whatever this was. Anyone else? We’d already be upstairs with Tyler’s pants around his ankles and my mouth on him. But he wasn’t just anyone else.

Tyler, who had been staring out his window, slowly turned toward me. The soft lights of the dash barely illuminated his face. God, he looked young, innocent and worth every ounce of protectiveness he brought out in the people who cared about him.

“Thanks for the ride. And dinner. It was nice.”

He turned again and reached for the door handle.

“Hey, Tyler. Wait up." 

Want more?  You know you do!  Well, you're in luck, because Eileen and Nikka were awesome enough to give me a little something extra for my blog today!  Below is a little note from the writer ladies themselves AND a deleted scene!  Take it away girls!  

Our philosophy in writing is throw everything you have in there and then decide what works and doesn’t work after it’s finished and we’ve sent it off for a first editing pass from our editor. It was during this first pass (and second and third, and the multiple rounds of edits with our editor at Carina) of our novel, In The Distance, Book Three of our In The Kitchen Series, that we were reminded how rambly we can be. The following scene is a short one, and even though we loved it, it didn’t really add anything extra to the story except for Trevor showing his goofier side. It’s from Trevor’s POV while he’s back in NYC, trying (and failing) to keep things simple and uncomplicated with Tyler.

The article that inspired this scene can be found HERE, if you’d like to see what your zodiac sign says about your love life.

~Eileen Griffin and Nikka Michaels

Late February - NYC, Grand Central Station

Bored and out of sheer curiosity, I picked up the Glam Style magazine someone had left on my table at the Grand Central Station Cafe. Ten minutes later, my mind was reeling from the “Which Zodiac Lover Are You?” quiz I’d just taken. Apparently Leos burned with fiery passion and took charge in bed. Oh, and they loved it when their lovers played with their luxurious hair. I snorted. I wasn’t sure about the luxurious locks part, but I did love having my hair played with. Suddenly, an idea hit me, and I headed back into the main lobby to scan the enormous green ceiling for a certain zodiacal sign.
“Perfect.” I snapped a picture and sent it to Tyler along with, “Wanna know why I’m the king of the jungle?”
A few minutes went by before my phone pinged. “Grand Central?”
“Do I even want to know?”
“Probably not, but I might be getting a subscription to Glam Style magazine soon.”
“Should I be worried?”
I chuckled and typed out, “Nah, but according to the article I just read, I apparently have really great hair.”
“Gotta run to catch the next subway. TTYL.”
I tucked my phone back into my pocket, but before heading downstairs to catch the next train, I swung back by the cafe and picked up the discarded magazine. By the time I’d reached my platform, I was absorbed in an article about the top ten best sexual positions for the winter. A subscription was looking better and better with every page.

© Nikka Michaels and Eileen Griffin

Jaycee's Review:

As I read the In The Kitchen series, I secretly fell in love with Trevor.  I know I wasn’t supposed to.  I know I was supposed to think he was a big, fat jerk for what he did to come between Ethan and Jamie, but I couldn’t help that my heart went out to him. I knew from practically the first scene Trevor was in that he was in love with Jamie. I understood his motivation and felt sorry for him, so when I heard that he was getting a story of his own, I cheered – and what a story it is – and, just for the record, I wasn’t wrong about him!

In The Distance is perhaps my favorite book of the series.  Ethan and Jamie are overly protective of Tyler, who they’ve taken under their wings, almost as an adopted son.  They warn love-em-and-leave-em Trevor to keep his hands off.

I love the carefully orchestrated dance that Tyler and Trevor perform on the knife-edge of friendship.  They both know that one misstep and they not only will bring down the wrath of Ethan and Jamie upon them, but they risk severing the beautiful, fragile comfort zone they’ve created for themselves.

And therein lies the angst of the story (my favorite part). They both crave the warmth and coziness of the mundane – watching TV together, just hanging out, texting and sharing a laugh, but they both feel the pull of something deeper, something more, and Trevor, especially, is terrified of it.

The text messages between the two are some of the most deliciously angst-ridden parts of this story.  One exchange, in particular had me snot sobbing at 2 a.m. #JustInCaseYouWereWondering.

You could read this as a standalone, but why would you want to when the prior books are so wonderful? Fans of In The Raw and In The Fire will love how often Ethan and Jamie (and even Claire and others) are in the scenes.  The vitriol between Ethan and Trevor is heavy and dripping and culminates in an awesome scene at a hotel bar when a tipsy Trevor calls on Jamie for support.

I haven’t said much about Tyler and that’s only because I love Trevor so much, but Tyler is such a complex character that I almost think you’re better off discovering all his layers and letting him develop in your eyes right along with Trevor. It won’t take long before you are smitten with him too.

In the Distance

By Eileen Griffin and Nikka Michaels

Genre: M/M, Foodie Romance

Length: 105,000 Words

Series: In the Kitchen, Book 3

Release Date: June 15, 2015

Publisher: Carina Press


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Eileen Griffin lives in the southwest, but loves to travel and has spent many summers crossing Europe with nothing but a packpack on her back. She enjoys TexMex, lives for good wine, and has a certain penchant for purple unicorns. She loves reading all genres of books, but her current obsession is writing M/M romance.

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Nikka Michaels lives in the rainy Pacific Northwest where she spends her time cooking, laughing and crafting romantic tales to satisfy her craving for HEAs with heat. A voracious reader, novice knitter and music lover she's been known to multitask without breaking a sweat. She loves to read and write M/M romance but believes everyone deserves a love story.
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