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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Release Day for Strangers In The Night

It's been kind of a long journey getting here, but I can finally say, it's Release Day!

My first published piece, Strangers In The Night, is officially out there. Before the day gets completely away from me, as it so easily does these days, I wanted to at least document it for myself.

It's not the first piece I wrote, I'm still trying to finish self-edits on that one, but it's the first to be officially published.  And it's the one I'll probably forever be able to say was the most fun to write. I still can't believe that first, nerve-wracking Skype session between Helena Stone and I ended with the beginning of this novella.  We wrote it in eight laughter-filled days that I'll cherish forever.  I can't even tell you how grateful I am to have Helena to share this experience with.

I spotted this picture somewhere the other day and I had to laugh out loud. It's so 'us' today.  (I'm the bigger one on the left).  The two of us are proud of our little story and want to take a bow and say, "ta daaaa!"  As her husband pointed out when he saw this photo, we're also "going out on a limb."  How true.  Like these little creatures, we're a bit fragile, bracing ourselves for the first unkind words that we know will probably come - if not now - eventually.

But for this one moment, I'm just going to hold Helena's hand and enjoy the ride.  Ready?  1-2-3...

"Ta Daaaaa!"

(Links for Strangers In The Night can be found here)

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