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Sunday, November 17, 2013

It's DONE!

Oh my gosh!

I thought I had one more scene to write, but all of a sudden I looked at what I had and realized.  It's done.

Exactly 31 days after I started writing, it's done!  I can't even begin to explain the emotions and they are nothing I expected.  I figured I would be doing the happy dance, but instead, it is very bittersweet.    I feel sad that I won't be spending every day with Mason and Luke.  I can't tell you how much I will miss their voices chattering to me.  They have become so real to me.

I sent the finished first draft out to two beta readers and I heard back from one today.  I was so incredibly scared to open her email.  I was literally shaking.  My husband had to drag me into the office and sit me down.  He made me open it.  He said, "After living without you for a month, I want to know what she said even if you don't."  Ugh.  Yeah.  He has been living without me.  For real.  Without conversation.  Or food.  He would slice and apple and lay it on my desk everyday.  Can I just say here how blessed I am to have him?

So...I clicked on the email and...she loved it!!  She actually said she couldn't put it down!  Squee!!!  was so flipping exciting I just have to share some of her comments:

"I just finished Stay.  Thanks for asking (other beta) to pass it on because once I started reading, I couldn't stop until I finished."

"I loved it.  It's the perfect mixture of angst, sexy times, romance, all of it."

"Your story is awesome and I look forward to buying a copy when it gets picked up later.  I have no doubt it will because it's just everything you could want in a love story.  You write like you're a seasoned pro and this is your tenth book.  It's polished and the plot works and the story and character arcs are just spot on."

I'm not making this up!!!  That's really what she said!!!  But what made me happiest (believe it or not, something made me happier than that!) is that she "got" Mason and Luke.  I think that means more to me than anything!  I love them SO much and I want my readers to love them too.  Here are her comments about my boys:

"Mason?  Tall, dark, sexy and...::whistles::  Who wouldn't love a cowboy like him?  Giddyup."

"Luke is funny and I love his thoughts as he comes to terms with his own identity."

Those two comments literally made me bawl.  I want them to be as real to all of you as they are to me and I want you to love them.  I think you will!

So, at the risk of sounding like Sally Field...  She liked it!  She really, really liked it!

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