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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Am I Really Doing This?

So, after working a nine to five job for many, many years, one day I finally decided that I was done.  Just done.  Without a whole lot of forethought, I turned in my notice and I am now "retired"!  It's been just short of two weeks and I'm loving every minute!

I've joined a gym, which I've wanted to do forever.  And...I've decided to try to write a book.  I figure I've got nothin' to lose, right?

I bought an iMac to replace my old, trusty PC, which, ironically, decided to crash yesterday.  I set up a business account, a website, Facebook account, Twitter account and now this blog!

This is ALL so new to me, but I've got nothing but time now and I'm so excited to actually get started! 

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